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Policies & Terms

These Terms & Policies are Set Forth by the Founders of BMC and are subject to change without notice.

As a purchaser of BMC classes you are agreeing to our policies and fully understand that we reserve the right to take legal action against any individual, group, business or corporation that does not comply with our policies.

1) Every purchase is intended for you as an individual to watch on the site provided. Making copies for personal, professional or with the intention of making profit is strictly prohibited. 

2) Showing to groups, classes or using as/or part of instruction for personal, professional, or educational purposes for the purpose of making profit or for free without direct written consent from BMC is strictly prohibited.

Each artist is compensated per purchase, so as an artist we ask that you respect our industry, the artist, and the production team by following our very simple policies.

When you sign in/up to be a member and/or contribute to the forum and/or blog, you are agreeing to the terms that we have set out for all BMC Members & Contributors:

1) Hate speech* is not tolerated. We have moderators who will be in constant watch over the site to ensure any violators be removed..

2) Stay on the topic of Makeup & Industry. If you'd like to speak privately to anyone, please do so on another platform.

3)Honesty is the best policy, but being mean is never ok. Commenting constructive information on others work is great, however, being judgmental, criticizing and/or being rude, mean, or otherwise unpleasant will not be tolerated. Learn to be kind while being honest!

4) We will always hear an appeal if you've been removed from the site, but you must accept the appeal's final decision.  


*ZERO TOLERANCE for any hate speech, rude or mean comments. (Hate Speech includes but is not limited to: negative or personal comments regarding race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, physical or mental abilities)

Terms & Information

-Your classes will be available to you as soon as you complete the purchase and your classes will continue to be available for six (6) months from date of purchase.

-You can sign into your account and rewatch your classes as many times as you like, pause and come back to it later.

-Workbooks are PDFs that tell you what products are used in each video. Brands, supply stores and prosthetic supply companies where you can purchase items needed to follow along with each class are listed on the main page.

-Makeup kits for each class are coming soon! Join the newsletter for more information.

-If you are looking to upgrade just Beauty or F/X skills, we have bundles available. All bundles have the same six (6) month from date of purchase availability.

- We will get back to filming new classes as soon as it is safe for the artists, models and production team.

-Please follow us social media @beautymasterclassonline, share with friends, and tag us in your recreations of our classes!

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