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About Us

    Beauty MasterClass & F/X Edition classes were created by makeup artists, Dyane and James MacKinnon. This power couple has 50 years makeup experience between them working in Film, TV, Fashion, Media, Commercial, Red Carpet and Weddings.

    For years, both Dyane and James struggled to keep up with the social media game while working on set and with clients full-time, and they found that they weren't alone! So many of the worlds best artists don't have "followers" or "likes", they have incredible IMDB pages, beautiful portfolios, and wonderful client testimonials - so when they do post a Beauty or Special Effects Makeup Tutorial video, no one saw them.

   Thats what made our founders set out to create a space where the worlds best artists (who they are constantly on the look out for) can teach their skills, talk about their experiences, and show their tips and techniques to artists who are just out of school or who need to brush up on their application skills. 

   With the move to Patreon, BMC has been able to film more classes, reach a larger audience, and get new trends out to artists and enthusiasts faster and at a  more affordable rate. With monthly class subscriptions starting at $7 a month, you can get great information from working MUAs in your area of interest. 

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Resources for Makeup Artists

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